Choosing the Right Bike for Your Child

It can sometimes be really hard for you to choose a bike for your child. There are different types of bikes and all of them are according to the age of the child.

There are tricycles, there are bicycles and then there are the types of bicycles with balancing wheels attached on both sides.

If your child is between two years to four years of age, getting a tricycle would be the best option for your child. A tricycle is usually very low in height which means that the center of gravity is quite low and even if the child falls down then due to lesser height, there won’t be any serious injuries. This just makes it quite safe for the toddler or child and it can give you peace of mind as well as save your child from getting serious injuries. Cycles with balancing wheels basically helps to prepare your child for the actual cycling experience.

Normally, after a tricycle, a child should switch to a bicycle with balancing wheels. This type of bicycle is for children between the ages of 4-7. Now it depends on how fast the child learns to ride a bicycle without the balancing wheels.

Basically the bicycle is for children who are above 9. Even adults use such bicycles that do not have balancing Wheels. The most important thing is that you need to do while buying a bicycle for your child is that you need to go for a very soft seat. Seats can cause pain which could cause discomfort and the child may get moody.

Other than that make sure you buy knee pads and elbow pads for your child. Make sure the bike is according to the height of your child. If you end up picking a bicycle which is too small for your child, then it will not be safe for your child to use.

If your child is tall and you get him a triycle then there is a fair possibility that the child will not be able to handle it well because of his long legs. When it comes to buying a bike for your child, make sure you ask the shopkeeper that which bike would be suitable for your child according to his or her height. Choosing the right bicycle can be tricky business and therefore certain things need to be kept in mind before buying it for your kid. If these things are not kept in mind you might not only be wasting your money but also risking the safety of your kid.

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