Tips for Taking Better Photos of Babies

There are some of those moments where we really want to take pictures of our babies or toddlers but they just won't maintain that certain posture that we think is very cute. But It is really hard to make children smile or give out different expressions for the camera. Let's face it, we all want our children to look good in pictures so that when we upload them or share them with our relatives then we will get a lot of praise. Some children are naturally very camera shy or camera phobic. In such a case it is really hard to take a picture of a child. What one needs to do in order to take a really good picture of their child is not a mystery.

There are a few tips and tricks which can help a person get the best pictures. The most important thing that we need to understand is that if a child is camera shy then one cannot force the child to look into the camera and give us what we want. A camera shy or a camera phobic child will always try to avoid the camera which is absolutely fine. For such children it is important for the parent or the adult to get a candid shot. The best way to get a candid shot of a child is by letting the child play with something which grabs his attention, while the child plays with the toys, the parent or the adult can take several candid photos. Now, always remember you cannot get the perfect photo by just one click. You will have to take several photos in order to get one good photograph. So patience is your best friend here if you actually want to take a good picture.

Children easily get scared when you lose your temper with them, instead of fixing things, losing your temper will make it so much worse that getting a good shot at that specific time will be very hard for you. It will be more or less impossible and there is a possibility that the child will develop a fear from the camera because the child was scolded during that time. Getting comfortable with the camera is a little hard for the child. What you have to do is that you have to get the child acquainted with the environment and the camera itself so that when the picture is taken the child doesn't get scared. Try your best not to act aggressive or scary with the camera in your hand because then the child would think these two things are linked and he or she will be afraid of camera. You really need to keep on entertaining the child, as long as the child is entertained well, he or she will have good expressions and you can capture them multiple times.One of my favorites of my child has been taken while Sara was messing around with the best leather sewing machine I've ever gotten,of course it was not the best tool she could play with but weirdly enough it kept her attention and managed to take the best shots possible.

Once you make sure that the child is comfortable with the camera, take as many shots as you can while the child is busy playing. By taking multiple shots it would be easier for you to choose the best picture among them all. In the current times, cell phone memory or camera memory is not an issue which is why you can even take a hundred pictures. You can later choose the best one from them. There is a concept of editing photographs and removing the things that you do not like in them. There is nothing wrong with editing so if you come across this one picture which is really good but there's just one thing which is missing in it, then you can add or exclude that thing by Photoshop or other editing tools.

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